Lyrics : Colors of Life

Too many pills got me hyperventilating
I was up in hell tryna dance up with Satan
Don't you go
Baby don't leave no more
Walk it like a million
I'm feeling so elated
Telling my mama her baby done made it
Close the door
No limit here we go

Dancing with me through the night
Seeing your face shine for me it feels like moonlight (yea)
I'm not here to cause a scene
Oh let's not try to fight
Baby feels right, you are a pretty sight
Stuck in my head like a melody
Anybody that tries to play with you has to go through me
One in the head like John F. Kennedy
I'm feeling it tonight
Want you here by my side
It's a blessing
Money on the way
Life is full of colors don't make it grey
Don't be down today (x2)
We all make mistakes (x2)