Lyrics : Speak

(Internet Money, b*t*h, haha)
Look, uh

Okay I'm drunk and it's late
I've lost all of my patience (Oh, oh)
I'm 'bout to get high
Pass me the spliff, b*t*h, I'ma face it (Oh, oh)
Young, rich and wasted
Probably on your b*t*h's playlist (Oh yeah, oh yeah)
I know they got a lot to say about me but won't say sh*t to me (Uh-uh)

Uh, smoking on that green (Oh yeah)
Hell nah, oh please
Oh that's yo b*t*h, then why she with the gang
All up on her knees?
You want a better future with her, but that b*t*h is for the streets (For the streets)
Let her blow it in a breeze
Forget her man, now she can't speak

I can't leave that sh*t in the past
Yeah, we used to be cool (Cool), and you used to make me laugh (Laugh)
But (Hmm) I can't be the man that you ask (You ask)
I just accepted that this sh*t will never ever last