Lyrics : 86 Bop

Jamma Beats
Fresh Money Baby

Shut your mouth you stupid c**t
Yer man’ll get wrapped and smoked in blunts
Chase man down no point they’ll run
Man catch man quick and his eye’ll get took
Come man me yer must be dumb, slumped
Man’ll end up red rum
This is Dublin men get dumped
Man got the pumpy there for da action
Man’ll let the ting off and watch him backflip
Scope Bambi man put out the got one
Paid in full as soon as he got one
My gang there will let that lead off
Pull away the dreads and chop his head off
One in the knee will take his leg off
Man’ll get blown from Dublin to Lagos
My gang there are patiently waiting to blow on the noisiest ting
Ready to go, man stay strapped out here in the field
Fifteen inches just for the peel
Keep that steel concealed
All of you dummies are from this kip
Man know junkies out on the strip
Pull up on the trek inject him infect him with venom
Hit 'em with a zombie tip
Chase man down and they’ll all get bit
Catch man quick with the rusty one
Man jump off the bike and bust that drum
Check your history man’ll get boiling
Man swing swords out here like Vikings
Shut up yer dope yer done, go to bed
Man put guns out here on peds
My gang are way too dippy (Way too dippy)
Feds tryna catch me way too slippy
All of my gang are Dublin riders
Man’ll get kidnapped just like tiger
Man’ll get ripped to shreds
Kicked to death 'til he’s dripping red
Ya gal do easy like chicken head ‘cause your boy dem there do quick in bed
We don’t chat when we run through a block
Shoot him in the foot do the one two bop
Listen stop with your gally please
Man's b*t*h looking like a bichon frise
My man pull up with the heat and squeeze
None of your gang could touch this shank ting
Long and sharp like a cutlass
Man put stabbers in your back and push it
Who dem men tryna draw out who
Man get the shank in his back get bored out
Your man's getting angry and acting tough
He’s just gone mad ‘cause his sister's a sl*t
My man pull up with the wap and crash it
Man’ll get got when he’s stopped in traffic
Listen, all of their gang are shooky
You don’t wanna see badman get brucky
Man's in the field with a knife like jooky
Ski mask on blacked out with hoodie rookies
They don’t wanna see that smoke