Lyrics : Never 4get me

Baby I would never
Leave you without my love
Even if I ran, I would leave a little behind me
Something you could hold at night
Something you could kiss goodbye
Just a little love, love, love, so you never forget me
So you never forget me
So you never forget me

Dance dad, your woman's gone
And your gospel is my carry-on
You're still good still, we all friends here
Real talk baby, you don't have to care
I don't make no money just standing there
That motel hot, no light from here
Wanna ring your body, wanna shut your mouth
I wanna raise you up, I wanna fill you out
Can I fill you out?
Tell me if you're holdin'
We can face the whole thing, everybody does it
And everybody hides it from the five-oh, from the buzzkill
Maybe if you like me
You could see the whole thing
Moving my tiny ass on a weekday
Getting wine-drunk with Beyoncé
Feeling high-key, feeling Queen B
I don't need you, but I like you
And you like me
So we can stay together, we could hang out
This is lovin' like a handout
This is how he get to go-round
Baby I need you to see me
And I'll make sure that you're seen