Lyrics : 10 Demons

There's One... Who uses wealth to take you.. He takes your soul and buried it by the train tracks then he leaves you
What's left for you to promise?
All you did was kill and lie and you thought I was dishonest
That's Two..
She was there and then she leaves you
Now you're all alone because your family never sees you
That's three
You don't know how to control... All you know is to drink your sorrows out your only 9 years old
The fifth one has depression
The sixth one is very selfish and the seventh one's persuasive
Number eight is a rebellion
Number nine is just a man who tortures kids, he's hilarious
But ten, Ten is so satanic, he'll run around with a knife and Kill a goat for magic... He's does it for the magic... He doesn't understand how help the ones who need it