Lyrics : I Just Wanna Live (Remix)

I'm a young black man
Doing all that I can
To stand
Oh, but when I look around
And I see what's being done
To my kind
Every day
I'm being hunted as prey
My people don't want no trouble
We've had enough struggle

I just wanna live
God protect me

I sat down to have a conversation with my inner child today
Told her it's gon' be some things
Told her to protect her peace
'Cause I know
That she might wanna break
She might have to fight alone
Scream and yell at me 'fore when they all go
They gon' tell you, "Shut up, angry black girl"
You live in a man's world
Broken rib, holdin' up the arms of revolution, I
Don't feed into they statistics, it's bullsh*t
The game's rigged, the same playlist
Of last, they design a place
CIS up in this B-I-itch but it's a fake win
If all black lives don't make it across the finish
I just want to live (Too)
I hope that means as much to you
Thirty percent divided is forty million united, God