If a b*t*h talk to me then my b*t*h smack her, step down
I was in a psych ward, can't use a Tec now
Big bro boolin' hard, guess a n***a gotta flex now
Baby on the clock so I can't have sex now
Six days since I slept now
Cuz tried to b*t*h me so that grave is where he rests now
I know demons watching so they want my success now
Tell 'em bring me Satan 'cause I wanna take the best out
b*t*h I'm upset now
Tell that b*t*h to come in the coupe and hear me shout "Neck now!"
Diamonds all over my f**king neck, I guess it's time to flex now
n***as all in my DM like "Dawg you up next" now
b*t*h all on my c*ck like "Can we have sex?" now
b*t*h I'ma blast you
I'ma stomp yo' ass [?] cashew
Heard he talking sh*t, n***a please don't let me catch you
n***as [?] at least just tell me what the Mac do
b*t*h I'm f**king balling and I'm not calling, b*t*h, I'm not responding
If you want some fufu sh*t, guaranteed my n***as brawling
Brand new whip don't do no stalling, matter of fact, it do some hauling
Let 'em talk down to me, he gon' hear them angels calling, b*t*h