Lyrics : Kobe Bryant

Tell my ops no back & forth, it’s time to end this sh*t
Check my phone like I’m the realest n***a in this b*t*h, Yeah
Think the clip to big, gotta bend this b*t*h
I ain’t gon’ cap, I was stealing sh*t when I was indignant
Keep my line on DND, I’m tryna cash a check
Shoot a n***a off the stage like he Malcolm X
Got a classic pint of tek, look like a classic vette. Knock the muscle out that pu**y n***a cuz he tried to flex
Pocket full of dog sh*t, b*t*h I’m on overload
All white buffies on my face , I call them snow patrol
Had to run that boy up top because we know he told
Rollie froze