Lyrics : Intro

Ooh, RJ
RJ always trippin', man, RJ always trippin', man

Yeah, my teacher said I'll never make it
I got niggas prayin' that I never make it
Came up with a plan, we was playin' basic
Only way through a jam for every man is patience
Niggas hustle, niggas doin' scams
Got it with my cousin, he was doin' time
Used to watch my uncle shoot up, he was doin' grams
Ain't nobody help us out when we was doin' bad
Yeah, now we doin' fine
I knew that I'd get my blessings all in due time
They say never rest your head if you sell there
Food stamps, Medicaid, no welfare
Yeah, it was hell here
Risk my life for this shit? Nigga, hell yeah
I was destined for this shit since the fourth grade
Got indicted, mama cried every court date, nigga
Had friends turn they backs on me
Couple oldhead niggas put racks on me
You could never understand what my pain like
Shot a nigga, then got shot in the same night
Why the fuck you think I ride with that pole on me?
It's all eyes on me like I stole somethin'
Put my faith in the streets and got let down
The only thing that's for certain is the road money
Came up off a pound and a couple juggs
Karo'ed the whole town, me and Uncle Mud
Had niggas' favorite rappers come and cop from me
We was fuckin' niggas up, they ain't know what it was
Facts, every nigga with me strapped, I put 6 Mile on my back
Bitch, it's Icewear, twenty chains on my neck
Hundred in that chop, extra thirty in that MAC
Told y'all boys when I get home, yeah, it's over
R.I.P. Lo, gotta do this shit for Soda
AP blowin', new Patek full of boulders
What I spent for it, could've went and bought a Rover, nigga
Get to trippin' in the club, what them Xans do
Put some money on your head, what them bands do
Yeah, talk behind your back, that's what friends do
Yeah, I'll shoot a nigga and got hands too
Got indicted, hit my lawyer with a hundred K
Everybody turned they back like they run away
Feds boxed a nigga out like Money May'
Then niggas left me behind like I'm runnin' late
I'll drop shit myself, I don't need no niggas
Ain't bringin' shit to the table, I don't feed no niggas
Yeah, niggas clique hoppin', can't believe them niggas
Yeah, wrap them niggas up, white key them niggas
What I look like helpin' a nigga who won't help hisself?
What I look like blessin' a nigga who won't bless hisself?
How I look fuckin' with niggas who gon' point the finger?
All I know is loyalty, I don't know nothin' else
Yeah, I don't know nothin' else
All I know is gettin' money, I don't know nothin' else
I just want the money, don't want nothin' less
Never settle for a bitch who want somethin' else
Yeah, I want the world, nigga
Do it for my baby girl, nigga
Yeah, and my son too
Gotta stand tall for my mom too, nigga

Drank God