Lyrics : Infested


2 spooky for the world
Lock me up and toss the key
The madness isn’t sadness this is just my sanity
As I creep one by one counting victims for the fun
Okie doke grab the rope break ya neck before ya choke
Cut the lights..
I hear the voices in the dark they plotting on my death cause I’m infested at the heart
No hope for my soul what they said from start
Now my futures in the dungeon on a bed of body parts
Chase you within your dreams you running while in place
Screams try to come out but the efforts just a waste
Cuts coming from no place rip the skin right off your face
Pullin nails yankin teeth so sadistic with my taste
Homicide on the rise by the violence of our kind
It’s a cat and mouse game and I’m the dog here to bite
Cut throat razor blades now it’s time to set the stage
Come and witness to the rage of a misfit on the slay
Broken bones lead the path to my cave
I don’t think your ready for an early grave
So let this be a warning it’s your lucky day go and pray
Cause next time I promise you won’t get away


Smokin on a bag
Eye balls red
Poppin off the junt
Homicidal thoughts
They fill my head
It makes my body numb
Yeah dont test me punk
Watch your step I'm bound to pop
All I hear is talkin from your side
But me I know you lyin
And if you're feelin lucky come and do your thing
f**kin with the h y d r a
I'll catch you slippin mane
Naw I ain't gon rob you
I'll just stab you till your liver fades
And if you wanna step on like a man I'm down to hit the paint
In my veins flows a deadly urge to fight so knuckle up
b*t*h I'll put this bow right across your face and watch you hit the dust
I'm just a loose screw
Run yo mouth you're bound to drop
Busta quit the talkin do some work it's time to walk it out
Petrified shakin in your boots
Off in the alleyway
Thinkin about those options that I gave you like the other day
But it's too late
All I see is red I've done made up my mind
You should of thought about it
Now this blade I'll press between your spine
Yeah I heard it through the grapevine that you wanted smoke well come and get it
I'm gon' lay it the f**k down
We buck wild
Off in the south
Its rainin blood
You claim you makin a stang
But I wish you would
It's the 3