Lyrics : The Sewers

Damn you!
Long live the revolution!

He approaches the seemingly dead Valjean

Here’s a pretty thing
Oh, hello

Valjean jumps up

You’re alive!
I saved you-

How do I get out of here?

It’s that way
All the way down to the left

Valjean carries an injured Marius out of the sewers. He finds Javert waiting

It’s you, Javert
I knew you wouldn’t wait too long
The faithful servant at his post once more
This man’s done no wrong
He needs a doctor’s care

I warned you I would not give in
I won’t be swayed

Another hour yet
Then I’m yours
All our debts are paid

Man of mercy comes again
And talks of justice

Come! Time is running short!
Look down, Javert
He’s standing in his grave!