Lyrics : Where's Joanna?

I got Joanna's head in my closet
And her body in my trunk
I got her teeth collecting in a little jar
Next to a jar with her lungs
I got her hair stuffed tight in my pillowcase and it comforts me in the night
I got her tongue in my bedside drawer so I can use it when I like

But when people come round they ask: "Where's Joanna? Where's Joanna?" Ha!
They pick up her fingers, I say: "Those are Hannah's. Those are Hannah's" Oh!

But only magpies and crows would pick
In my hollow, greedy, pink snatch
Drowned in folds of fat, white skin
The world just shouldn't get so attached
I looked at the dagger before me
Oh is this just another lie?
I'm getting sick of these bloodstained hands
But they tell me boys don't cry

But her mother came 'round and begged: "Where's Joanna? Where's Joanna?" Wow!
Now she will never ask again: "Where's Joanna? Where's Joanna?" Ah!

But please don't look in my closet
Please don't look in my trunk
Please don't look in my garden
Please don't look at my junk
Please don't look in the river
Please don't look in the sea
Please don't look, Joanna
So please don't look for me!

Where's Joanna?
Where's Joanna?
Where's Joanna?
Where's Joanna?
Joanna, Joanna, where's Joanna?
Joanna, Joanna, I'm Joanna