Lyrics : ​prayformeimbusy

You know I told to all of my homies
Pray for me, cause I'm busy
I've been dealing with the sh*t
Bro, ever since the beginning
Grinding for the better days
And I just know that you're feeling
I got a diamond belt, I'm hustling
But that don't change your feeling
Cause you don't know, what I'm dealing

Oh, I had a b*t*h back home
But she back up all the sh*t
Then she left me alone
I'm just searching for some money
I be up on my phone
Trynna feel the f**king [?]
Know that's just how we go, yeah, oh
I had a trigger going click-click, yeah
I hate myself, I wanna end this, yeah
I thought I'd die, but I got rich-rich
Still be in this [?]
Cause there's nothing than there's real sh*t