Lyrics : Automatic (Remix)

Say what you mean
You ain't gotta play games with me
It's automatic, you know it's automatic
Say what you mean
You ain't gotta fake sh*t with me
It's automatic, you know it's automatic

Helipad on a yacht
Yes I ride em a lot
No this not a fizad
Watch it climb up the chart
Pull it out the garage
Boss this bottle whole lot
Kilo out of the crate
Come and get you a block
50 all in my face
I be kissing the spot
I'm the head of the clique
In my drop
Pistol in my supreme
I'm just shooting my jock
I'm just chasing my green
Rest in peace to my pops
Wednesday I'm in the Wraith
Friday float in the Phantom
Saturday's an acception
Maserati the magic
20 stacks on the mattress
Let's go to [?]
Automatic me natural
And really you special