Lyrics : Syrup*

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I think you blocked my number, otherwise I would call
Only way to show I love you, not to call you at all
You see Caesar, you see Brutus, you see Jesus, you see Judas
I might cut off all my ties [?] the reason you fall
I been livin' and learnin', a half a pound and I'm burnin'
I cut back on the syrup, I spent the Summer in Europe
I rent like eight hunnid horses to clear this space in my head
I take off a Ferrari, I hit the brake when I'm dead
I been gettin' this money to fill the space in my bed
I keep tossin' and turnin' over that sh*t that I said
I'm so full of myself, I try to be humble instead
Give my mama this money, try to make up for the years
All that shootin' and fighting and all that lootin' and lying
It seem like real n***as dying, I made mistakes but I'm trying
I ain't trippin' I'm livin', I'll bring it back to the city
Where all the water is syrup, I'll put some gold on my n***as
That's a lot for a smile, only way you gon' get it
We keep [?] bananas for all these ghetto gorillas
I ain't no regular civilian, I bet these sell for a million
My only fear is the feds and I hope those n***as don't get me
Seen them whippin' that soda, they turn the five to a fifty
They turn that bucket to billions since that day I been trippin'
Like I'm worse than my father, I kinda hate that I miss him
I see his face in the mirror, I think he made me a killer