Lyrics : Payroll

Backend all hundreds, they know how I want it
When we slide all choppers, they know how I'm comin'
Tried to hide at his mama's, ain't no hidin' from me
Sent you a picture of her house, like, come outside, dummy

Spray on cologne (What's that?), that's eleven hundred (Okay)
The shoes on my feet, a pound of Runtz, Dior runners (Woo)
My whole 'fit cost about ten bands
All together sixty racks 'cause I got fifty in my pants
I looked up to Payroll growin' up, lil' b*t*h, I'm from the D (4-1)
Play with that yayo growin' up, lil' b*t*h, I'm from the streets
Lil' bro be bangin' and you know how my lil' n***a bleed
Put on that mask, knock on your door, this sh*t ain't trick or treat
The n***as out here broke, I promise I don't feel sorry
You ain't show up on no money, but you showed up to that party (Backwards)
Broke ass n***a, I don't feel sorry for you
Barely legally retarded, every month that boy get money, ayy
Can't let no ho get in my head 'cause ain't no ho in me (No more)
And get the f**k out ASAP when you get off your knees
In Miami, me and Zoey on them skis
We ain't out here havin' fun, we out here lookin' for some keys, n***a
I heard they floatin' 'round the water, had to come and see (I did)
Clean n***a in every way but I got dirty piece (Smoke)
n***a owe me, make 'em roll and he gon' work for free (On gang)
You cut me off, it hurt, but you hurt yourself more than me (b*t*h)
n***as praise and respect too much ho sh*t (Too much ho sh*t)
He too friendly with the opps, get 'em both zip (Get 'em both)
Hot n***a, keep a cold b*t*h, froze wrist
Granny called like, "You on the news," I'm like, "Oh, sh*t" (The f**k?)
Let me hit that sh*t, now you can say you f**ked a killer, b*t*h (b*t*h)
They ain't with us, they against us, f**k them n***as, b*t*h (f**k 'em)
Jumpin' out that Benz truck with the cutter, n***a (Grrra)
'Cause every day it's a new reason not to trust these n***as
Ain't nobody gettin' away with doin' no b*t*h sh*t (At all)
I don't drink 'cause I get drunk and I talk big sh*t (Adult)
Sneak dissin' won't do sh*t but get your b*t*h hit
When you see me, shut your mouth or get your sh*t split (Boy)
Do my dirt by myself, don't need assistance (Don't need assistance)
You hatin' me and I don't know that you exist, b*t*h (Don't even know)
She text her homegirl like, "Look at his wrist, b*t*h"
She text back, "I seen him first, get off his d**k, b*t*h"
Criminals or millionaires? n***a, I'm both
When you come from that, it follow you, you know how it go
I know exactly where I'm from and who I am, I ain't ashamed
But the love ain't the same after fame, that's a shame
I be fresh but I ain't Gunna, give a f**k about no clothes
Swear I care 'bout everything but give a f**k about no ho
Listen, we is not the same, you say "door", I say "dough"
You say "floor", I say "flow", you say "for sure", I say "fa'sho"
n***as diss rap n***as, but they won't show up to no show
Your mama must've been a ho 'cause you call everybody bro
I only wanna hit her 'cause she thick and she fine
Looks matter, sh*t, if God don't like ugly, why should I? (Ayy, b*t*h)

Backend all hundreds, they know how I want it (They know)
When we slide all choppers, they know how I'm coming (They know)
Tried to hide at his mama's, ain't no hidin' from me (What?)
Sent you a picture of her house, like, come outside, dummy (Grrra) (4-1)

When you see me, I'm with the same team
And I still got my clientele from my mid-teens
Gotta watch for them people, they tryna pin kings
If they livin' like kingpins with some legit dreams
I started off small-time, but I had big dreams
I used to nickel and dime, right on my ten-speed
She compared her man to Pay, I told her, "b*t*h, please"
You begged the ho to stay, I told the b*t*h, "Leave"
This watch over thirty K, this a brick sleeve
This some small beneficial when you big league
You flipped the script on your people, I just flip G's
I used to fill fiends' needles, now they feelin' me
They like, "Oh, yeah, Fenkell in this b*t*h"
If his watch melt, we gon' be sinkin' in this b*t*h
The game natural to me, I been seasonin' this sh*t
You just in the way, what is your reason to exist?
Three n***as with me, but we leavin' in the six
Might see me on Five Mile fleein' from a flip
Smellin' like new money, reekin' through a 'fit
Count money, stash money then retreat to a trip (n***a)