Lyrics : Chinese Temptation

Human desire touches me, voices in the dark
Searching for a better view and ways to disembark
Eastern-bound direction with the money on your plate
Pay the right connection and you enter the gate
There is a distant song - the orient, the orient
The senses come alive, you feel alive

Oh, oh temptation - has a hold on you
Oh, oh temptation - nothing you can do
Who knows when your destiny calls

Lights are falling, the night is calling
Oh, oh temptation - Chinese temptation

Land of many changes, fashion comes and fashion goes
All through the ages how the faces glow
Beware of the power pouring into your own hand
Counting down the hour, end is close at hand
It's pure and white as snow
Is it worth the price - the price of gold
It fills me up inside, you cannot hide