Lyrics : f*ck Everybody

Verse 1: Hella Sketchy
Llari stole my swag, I gotta get it back
He’s all on my track whoa
Yeah he’s all on my track
Pollari stole my swag he’s all on my track
I might chase a bag get a foreign all black
Your b*t*h hit my phone just for a follow back
Why am I so sad? Got all of these racks
Smoking out the pack, shawty do not gag
I just popped a xan know i’m feeling like Mike
Mix it with the perc got me feeling alright whoa
Designer in my closet, yeah Fendi, Off-White whoa
Pull up on your b*t*h and I f**k her all night, yea
f**kin’ on your shawty real slow
Pass the double cup that’s a four
I secure the bag and then I go
Off of these drugs movin’ slo-mo
f**k everyone, in this f**kin’ stu
Y’all just want a verse, Sketchers nothin’ new
Chicken noodle soup, b*t*h I’m off the goop
Skrrr Skrr Skr all in the coupe
All I wanna say, I just wanna get paid
f**kin on your b*t*h, I just f**ked your main
I just f**ked your main, whoa
Met her on a plane

Verse 2: Pollari
Sketchy he a b*t*h, Diamond on my wrist
I might f**k his wife, I might f**k his b*t*h whoa
Then I go!
How you feelin?
I want it all I gotta stack it’s to the ceiling
My b*t*h she super bad yea she worth a million
I give it to her good she call me a healin’ (whoa)
New Supreme on me, all my b*t*hes mean
She wanna join the team, yea wanna join the team
New Supreme on me, all my b*t*hes mean
She wanna join the team, she wanna join the team (whoa whoa whoa)
She wanna join the team whoa whoa whoa

Verse 3: Angst
I just f**ked your b*t*h in the Philippines
f**kin with the gang, f**kin with the team
Thirty on my waist, pointing with the beam
b*t*h I’m f**ked up, I’m rolling off of f**king lean
Bust down to my ankles, b*t*h got me in shankles
f**k lighting this candle, my mind got me so mangled
I ain’t even do this by myself boy i’m so thankful
I cannot protect all of my friends but I want to
I want you, baby girl I want you
I want you, baby girl I want you
I know I’m a foreign baby you know that I want to
Baby girl I want you
I cannot believe that I could eat up all your lies
Talking to me like you knew me looking at my eyes
Don’t know where I’m going with my motherf**king life
Tell me that you love me baby tell me that I’m right
Yeah they tell me Agnsty, you ain’t rockin with no team
You ain’t got no bands, you ain’t got no f**kin beams
You ain’t got no money, you ain’t sippin on no lean
Pop another perc b*t*h I’m flying with my team
I’m living my best life (I’m living my best life!)
I’m living my best life (I’m living my best life!)
No I don’t feel right (no i don’t feel right)
But I’m living my best life I’m living my best life

Verse 4: EyeKeem
Ima hit your girl, Ima hit your main
Swervin’ in the ‘Rari yea I’m swervin’ in the Range (yea)
This ain’t no Atari ain’t no games huh
I can’t hang with n***as cuz they lame yuh
Price tag, turnt up in the bag, b*t*h I’m shoppin’
Now he cap, pulled up in the Jag and she hop in
Like that, runnin’ up my bag now they flockin’
Bands soft, now I keep the heavy metal now I’m rockin’
So I’m rockin’, so I’m rockin’
Run it up b*t*h, man you lookin’ like you joggin’
I just hit your b*t*h when I just need the noggin
Nine to five job, now you better clock in
Said she wanna love me, better put me in the coffin
That’s not how i’m rockin’, hit me and i’m blockin’
Now these b*t*hes flockin’, chain worth ? Hoffman
I just got a check, now i’m going shoppin’
The diamonds need to bling shawty like the way I sing
Treat me like a king we do anything
Said she f**k with me cuz I’m major
I ain’t got no time i’ll see you later

Verse 5: Hella Sketchy
Everybody in this stu, the got a free feature
I’m so high and i’m gone off the tequila
So much f**king drip, feel like Hurricane Katrina
I f**ked ‘Llari’s b*t*h, yer shoutout to Sabrina

Verse 6: Angst
Pull up the studio inside a f**kin’ Beamer
Shoutout to Sketchy he paid me for this feature
f**kin on some thotties I might just be his daddy
Who the f**k you think did all this f**kin Fendi

Verse 7: EyeKeem
Told her that I love her but she know that i was lying
I predict the future you would think that I was Mayan
Off the gas I’m flying, feeling like a pilot
Ima start a riot, please don’t even try it

Verse 8: Hella Sketchy
No i never switched, chains all on my fit
Radar off the grid, EyeKeem he smokin’ mid
Angst know he ain’t sh*t, he a little b*t*h
He think that he rich but he just hit a lick