Lyrics : Nihilistic Rock (English)

Ah, I'm gonna hate it
I'm laughing at left and right with vacant eyes
On the dining table is a full course of jobs, tests and decency
Ah, so foolish
If I look carefully, love and romance are corrupted beliefs
Relying on such things, I can't even eat tomorrow's meal
I heard that a minister from somewhere was having an affair
It seems that guy is having an intimate relationship with that girl
Seems fun, right? (LOL)
Come on!
If you dance with a one, two, three
Today and tomorrow's anxiety will turn into lies
"I'd rather not be born"
If you cried, back off then
One, two
If you be an idiot and sing
You can forget anyone and everyone who stand in your way
We're born, not for your sake
****ing world, I love you!
Ah, I'm gonna hate it
Congested with corpses like everywhere
With such a sham, what are you actually?
It's your act's fault!
The attitude of seeing yourself in a special light like that
Actually, you have no personality
Come on!
When you sing "I want you!"
Where's the love you want?
"I suppose I'll know it someday, I'm sure."
The question is lie and truth
More and more
Every if "I can do" increases
Your heart won't be satisfied at all
"For what purpose was I born?"
I won't get it if you're being evasive
Let me ask this one thing a bit
I have love, money, drugs, everything
But being born in this era, what should I wish for?
Even though I'm sure I won't find the answer
The Earth will roll today and tomorrow as well
We who can't have a dream
Rejected our lives now
If you dance with a one, two, three
Today, tomorrow, everything will turn into lies
"I'd rather not be born."
If you cried, back off then
We'd rather have no hesitation
So shall we forget completely all these rubbishy temperatures?
I have no complaint
Let's end it around here
Goodbye world, I loved you!
Don't stop, we're sick of such an era!