Lyrics : Deep Into Undermountain

One evening as the sun went down
And our cooking coals were glowing
Down the path came a party hiking
And they said, “Folks, we’re all going
We’re yearning for a portal far away
In a tavern full of shoutin’
So join us, friends, and let’s descend
Deep into Undermountain!”

Deep into Undermountain
There run dungeons hot and cold
Where the monsters surge in pushes
And the youngest runes are old
Where the mimics all lie waiting
And the goblin werebats roost
All the wisps and wasps
And the mezzoloths
The hidden pit
Where we’ll all plummet
Deep into Undermountain

Deep into Undermountain
All our blades will sing like choirs
As our arrows strike like drumbeats
And our green flame pops in pyres
Our barbarian will stomp a brute
As the rogues dance shadowplay
O we’re sworn to go
At a great tempo
We’ll chant our spells
As we now delve
Deep into Undermountain

Deep into Undermountain
You’ll always find new gear
And your old mundane accoutrement
Can be handed down, don’t fear
The magic items you’ll attune
And the artifacts you’ll find
There’s armor with gems
And weird potions
And a propeller hat
That lets you ascend
Deep into Undermountain

Deep into Undermountain
The Mad Wizard stood gates
So folks can open portals
He left clues to activate
He has a thing for puzzles
And he likes to throw his voice
We’re going to delve
To where he dwells
To the lowest tower
To seek his power
Deep into Undermountain

I’ll see you there, the lowest lair
Deep into Undermountain