Lyrics : Hop In The Coupe

Hop in the coupe
Shawty she blow me like soup
This Ain’t no clash of the clans
My n***a we take all your loot

Verse 1:
Shawty a freak
She bad and she got a degree
Only eyes when I step in the streets
Haters going hate that don’t matter to me
Yea yea yea
I do this sh*t 123
I’m coming with heat
But this ain’t Miami
I’m from Jamaica
I’m smoking my weed
Clouds in my whip
My b*t*h barely could see
Yea yea
I Hit the plug (why?)
Need some blueberry kush ( ya dig?)
We don’t spend money on bush
I’m taking your b*t*h
He looking all shook (woah!)
She wanna f**k with my team
Balling like Kobe (rip)
I got hella rings
Sip Disaronno I don’t sip no lean
I’m on the hunt for the cash, what you mean?