Lyrics : Start Wit Me (Trap Symphony Version)

I been done ride through another n***a city
I got a brand new Draco with me
Clip got thirty-three, Scottie Pippen
b*t*h n***a ain't heard of me, I got a Richard
Drippin', my sweatsuit Givenchy
I brought my strap in the party
And my diamonds offset like Cardi
Got a bad b*t*h with me, she a Barbie, huh
You don't wanna start with me

Got some hood n***as postin' in Le Jardin
I have his n***a on back of a carton
Spend Larry Bird, thirty-three on Cartier
I got thirty-three b*t*hes with me
I'ma float through the city sippin' on some chardonnay
f**k it, I'ma buy it out the bar today
f**k it, I'm buying out Barney's, yay
I'ma hang with the gangbangers
He only hang with the feds and the rats and the mice
If my young n***a pull up with the bullets
I'ma pull up with the strap, we gon' get him on sight
We gon' make a thriller like Mike
Car candy painted, Mike and Ike
And my diamonds lookin' like a light
I'ma fly a private like a kite
Got the Bentley coupe in China white