Lyrics : Last Night

1-0-1-7 (Ziggy)

Sleepin' on the racks last night, I done fucked around and woke up with a crick in my neck
Got so lit last night, woke up with a buttnaked bitch in my jet
Iced out baguettes on my chest
Bouldercrest tatted in ink on my flesh
I'm the boss, it's a brick on my desk
Brain so good, yeah, she cheat on her test
Got so high one night, woke up with an ice cream cone on my cheek (How?)
Last night dripped so hard courtside, had to call the mop boy to my seat (Wow)
At the Super Bowl in my suite (Yeah)
Ballin' so hard, need cleats (Ballin')
Human highlight like 'Nique ('Nique)
And my diamonds are so unique (Bling)
Heard the alphabet boys still watchin' me
All this D&G on me and my freak (Dolce)
Versace fork and plate when I eat and sleep
And I don't like to talk, talk cheap (Cheap)
Last night, me and my peeps (Peeps)
Pulled up to the yacht three deep (Deep)
Hundred bad bitches like Freaknik
Diamonds dancing on me like yeet (Iceburg)

I'm that same lil' dusty lil' feet
Nigga got rich, now I feel like I'm Pee
Had to sleep on the floor, now it's courtside seat
I got it scorching, they pay me fifteen just so I rap on they beat
Come to 1'5, you can get 'em for cheap
Still run through the 6
I got shooters on Moreland, my diamonds like water
My Rollie be frosty, it's colder than Boston (Brr)
Buddy got shot when he reached (Got popped)
Bitch, I'm Big Iceburg, need a mink
Bitch got curved, she don't mean nothin' to me (Bitch)
He got some nerve, think he gettin' it like me (Hah)
I made a thirty this morning while you was asleep (Steph Curry)
I did that boy dirty, I shot him from the three
You don't know a young nigga that's rockin' like me
Keep a pocket full of motherfuckin' broccoli

Let these fish take a swim, ayy
Still catchin' plays by Crim, yeah
Bouldercrest, nigga, we tempt, ayy
Yay still jumpin' out the gym, yeah
Never ever lose, just win, ayy
Still on the 'Crest gettin' it in, yeah
Still sellin' dope behind tint, ayy
Forty whole thousand on my wrist, yeah
Ballin' on these niggas, big player, yeah
Still got the work, brick layer, ayy
Real player from the Himalayas, yeah
Wet, diamond water like a whale, yeah
Fifty whole bricks, ten bales, yeah
Used to send work by the mail, ayy
Got tired of takin' them L's, yeah
Nigga, I'm a Bouldercrest mayor, ayy