Lyrics : ​cayenne

I want to go away
Just by myself
I feel like I'm not sane
So out of touch
I got pushed up, it's all about you
Throw me a line, what should I do
Is this a sidearm, am I looking
For excuses, I need to stop that

Moving so far, many miles
I get headaches thinking ‘bout survival
Tactics to adjust to a new setting
I can't focus on moving if I act like the world is ending
Asleep for months
I scream my lungs
Bankrupt, I’ve had enough
Can't breathe, its rough
I dreamt your love
It’s real, it was
But now, we’re done

And if I fool ya, push me away
Cause I just need you to be honest
Tell me something, what do I do?
I don't know but, I want you