Lyrics : Jigga Juice's Prayer

Join hands
Bow your heads
Close your eyes
Listen up
My Hermes Heavenly Father
We come before you in the name of the Lord, myself
The bigger bustdown begone
Thankin' you for everything we have and everything we don't have
Father, you say, "Ask and you shall recieve"
And be specific
So it is that you may get
What you desire
Father, you know what a nigga like me desire
I desire the bulkiest of bitches
Excuse my language, but, you know my language
I need something bulky, Father
When I hop out the whip they know that's a stripper from Magic City
But we know she goin' to school and working at a call center like she said she do
Father I pray for the bigger bustdown
And the biggest in the game
My iced out gold chain
Father, if you could just bless me with those things
I would be and remain your faithful servant
In the name of my Hermes heavenly father
And the Lord, myself, the bigger bustdown begone
We say, "Amen"