Lyrics : Choppa Talk


Grab a glass, fill me up
Just please don't take forever
These shots I'm shooting full of liquor
You can give me what I need
Just show me that it's better
Can you make it work, do you ever
I can't tell what's wrong from right (Yeah), wrong from right
That was a dumb flex, that was a drunk flex
I can't tell what's wrong from right (Yeah), wrong from right
That was a drunk text, that was a dumb text

Ooh, oh, it's in me
That vibe don't mean you lie you had sold the whole time
Ooh, oh, it's in me
So why you'd take mine? So why you'd take mine?
We got saved, I'm not afraid
Swallow the pain, drink it away, away, away, away
Why, squeezed lemonade and drink it in my face, you want your cake, cake, cake, cake
Eat it to here to come meet at you
Cannibal Ken, I'm just keep your cool
Power me up when you speak my name
Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice, Bettlejuice
We drink, we f**k, we camera up if we both know we're wrong
I know I got my problems, have to weed them on my own
That jungle juice that help my body, sweep me off my toes
As better than you doin' what you do so I'ma