Lyrics : Arrival

You and I just do not have the same specs
You hate on me just because I'm Asian
Hold up, I'm not done; man, if you really want to challenge me
I'll beat you with this mic and then I'll hang you up over this beat
I do not know you c*cked that hoe, I guess you carry all the heat
But dip your toe right in this boat; I'll kill you that's a guarantee
You really got a feeling that you really want to be me
Cause if you want to be me, then you really got to see me
And I am like a chef, man I'm cooking every seasoning
If you don't like what you taste, man I'll kick you through the ceiling
(Woah! Woah! Woah!) Man, let me slow down my flow
If you don't know how I wrote my pose, little b*tch come take some notes
Like I don't know... even just fit these bars
Little b*tch if you can't even front, then just drive foreign cars
I rap just like I ain't got no manners
I slice you in half, hang you up like a banner
I just ran a mile deep right in this f*cking canyon
So quit shadowbanning before my own f*ckin bans you
I quit shadowbanning because I'm already banned
And if you want to do it, then at night you need a band edge
I'll kill your dad and I might hit your b*tch
I might cut you out and cut you like a bandit
Oh man, I'm gunning like dudes doing f*cking surgery in this motherf*cking beat
If you really don't like that then don't f*cking hear me because I don't want to hear you on my motherf*cking heat
Because I got a f*cking Glock, and I got a f*cking bee
And I'll shoot you in the back if you motherf*cking eat
If you motherf*cking run your mouth like a motherf*cking beep
Better beat it before I kick you in your motherf*cking feet, b*tch!

Yo b*tch, I'm grave Yard!
Put you in the dirt in the graveyard
I slap your b*tch, I know that pain's hard
I'll kill you like that one scene from Braveheart
I f*ck on your b*tch like every day
I do the dash and run away
When she's done with you, she goes to my place
And we f*ck everywhere, all-day
Bruh, bruh, watch what you're doing
Why is your nose so long? Long as Putin
And why do your breath stink and your car smells dank?
b*tch, give me all that money in the bank
No wonder your style is hella wack
And you look dumb, you must smoke crack
b*tch, shut the f*ck up, I caught you lacking
You got yourself dirty, yeah here's a napkin

Yuh! Yuh!
Me and grave Yard! (Me and Chris Yang) taking over upon your house
Me and grave Yard! (Me and Chris Yang) going to squash to like you're a mouse
On the contrary, don't you come and touch me, run your mouth
If we shoot you, we're going to go and (pew pew) so get out!

That's it!