Lyrics : ​october’s lullaby

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I would never let you go, I love you
Girl, don't trip, I trust you
Put no one above you
Tell you that I'm missing you
You just tell me how I—
(G-G-G-Gaspere? What the hell you doin'?)

I would never let you go, I love you
Girl, don't trip, I trust you
Put no one above you
Tell you that I'm missing you
You just tell me how I f**ked you over

Ever since you left me, baby girl, I'm feeling stupid
Thought that I had nothing to lose, now, I'm losing it
F-F-Falling through the cracks, you were my best friend
I can't f**k these b*t*hes cause these b*t*hes is some crackheads
H-Halloween, Halloween Halloween, feels like I'm falling
I just wanna talk to you, but you text me, said you're off it
Wait for a minute
You say that it's finished
You can hit my number if you ever tryna kick it