Cruise ocean

I'm out, I'm getting sick of this
Your only answer is to guilt trip and the rest
Suck out, it's getting boring now
Is this how you want to get your f**king name out?
In time, true colors really show
Where your priorities lie, then you'll be soon to go
Disappear, no more for us to hear
So I can't wait to say I knew the end was near
These people all just seem to think that it's the only way
I never understood the need to lie
I'm not afraid of never making it to where I really wanna be
It's disappointing that the consumers just cannot see the lies
That these "idols" shove down all their throats
They're supposed to be the people we confide in the most
I'd rather say nothing, just live my life as a ghost
Maybe that's why I'm steady rising, I'm climbing the rope
On my own, on my own
Abyssal backing me, that's where I call home
Wherever may I roam
I've got the team and 608 remains my backbone