Lyrics : JIT

GAWVI, get 'em
(Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah)
(Throw it, run it, throw it, run it, throw it, run it, throw it, run it)

Lil' jit, who raised you?
Lil' jit, who raised you?
Lil' jit, who raised you?
Lil' jit, who raised you?
Who mans is this? Uh
Whose mans is this? Uh
Who mans is this? Uh
Whose mans is this? Huh?
Lil' jit, lil' jit
Lil' jit, lil' jit, who raised you?
Lil' jit (Woah, woah), lil' jit (Yeah, yeah)
Lil' jit (Woo, hey, hey, hey)

I got busy with the noise, crucify the boy
Heathen with the slug, singing with the Drake
I told Timmy plenty times, hop on 95
Broward 'til I die, dime, que lo que?
Down Commercial Boulevard, shouting out to God
At that point in time, that's when I was saved
Heathens on the rise, kicking in the door
I got ji-ji, ji-ji, ji-ji, ji-ji, ji-ji
Mmm, mmm, mmm
I got the filet mignon, they tryna beef with the don
I used to whip the Galant when I would work at the mall
I got big talk, ayy, I'm in tip-top shape
Heard the "brrt," it was God, told me, "Keep that faith"
I got big plans, hit the David dance
Got a slingshot (Bah), let that thing talk (Woo)
Lil' jit (Who raised you?)