Lyrics : Climate Change

Ah-oh, woah, ah-oh, woah
Hey, hey, hey (Woah)

Climate change, don't need lanes, I need God
I make the sauce, I mean, yeah, glory to God
Shooters aim, I got range, what are the odds?
Never fold, we not the same, no, we not
Climate change, don't need lanes, I need God
I make the sauce, I mean, yeah, glory to God
Give me the turn, watch it'll burn, litty, yeah
All my bros, oh my Lord, we won't stop

Rich like VOUS, faith done bloom, ball so hard with the Fear God shoes
I'm too live, take that dive, got my wrongs, but I feel LeBron
Yeah, woah, huh, climate change not my fault, yeah
Try and stop all my sauce
I cannot fake, this is too late, home of the saint, yeah, yeah
How many cars, how many broads to fill your heart? Yeah, yeah
Off in the deep end, what is you seekin'?
Boy, is you geekin'? We not so heathen, yeah
Devil wanna dance all night, had to quickscope on sight
Oh, you thought we was gon' fight? Oh-woah, yeah