Lyrics : Jinchuriki rap cypher


Gaara/Shukaku (Connor Quest):
Number one on this count down
Slam Rock like a ground pound
Kill off all these Sound clowns
Had a face tatt before SoundCloud
Spar you, par you, my Jutsu can't lose
When I'm on a screen it's a brutal cartoon
Shan't bruise Gaara, my guard Shukaku
Hard like a tomb of Tutankhamun
Cast away, you know my tale and story
Harness rage and the Tail gets gory
Cannot parley with a Kazekage
Know I'm putting that village on my back like the gourd be

Yugito/Matatabi (Savvy Hyuga):
Yeah we charging up with the Tailed Beast ball
And gotta keep going till we see them fall
Yugito coming in with the claws no paws
Yeah we running this game what I say, no claws
No matter where we at we gon be in our element
Fuse real short got no time for your arrogance
Take my hair down now to hell with being elegant
Us in this form understand your relevance
Hunny make your play this is cat and mouse
With flames so hot you cannot douse
So tell me pretty please can you see it now
That this little kitty gonna put you in the dog house