Lyrics : Homunculus Cypher

Hey, names Greed know i'm taking more than i need
Want it all for me and won’t share it out
Gotta crew of creatures that'll stare you down
Want the newest features and to wear the crown
Father's plan i don’t care about it
I'm my own leader never owe neither
Think only for me like a cold diva
Avaricious and i'm damn malicious
But so charismatic with my mannerisms
All these mad fanatics i ain't pally with um
Hence the lava bath they had me take dip in
Got the carbon armour make it hard harm us
Cause it always seems as though i spark a drama
Pardon me i'm just a confident guy
Needs objects to thrive it's obvious right?
Fighting a prince for control of his body
I can't resist, i keep hold cause i want it
He's quite persistent, maybe we could be a team
And take on any monsters coming
And when it comes to a life or death
Lost every thought in my Greedy head
You realise when you reach the end
All you really need is friends

Manipulating, i love the hatred
Envy, all of me what my soul created
Dirty tricks, call you out for playing
I shape shift, into your favorites
In your head, mess with your life
I’ll take it all, what’s yours is mine
A paradigm, Homunculi
I find the truth, to falsify
Envy cuz i want it all
Wrath and Lust were not as strong
Ishval there to start a war
Immortal life is in my core
Philosopher the Stone that built us
Jealous of human emotions
Hughes was another weak man among them
Envy takes your world to crush it
Ain't nobody ever do it like me
You bet that i’m messing with the psyche
Never know who the person that i might be
Killing all of yall for the Father he the right king
Frightening is going on without me
Envy they never doubt me
Elrics they all about me
Taking a life and pretending it's mine
Becoming you a desirable crime
Shooting a man or i'm crushing their spine
Envious guy and i'm one of a kind
Homunculus an evolution making humans better
When this war is over we will
Change the world forever