Lyrics : Ride My Way

Where do you focus?
Nothing's going wrong
Try to be open, by still tryna be strong
Losing where we're going
Feels like if we've grown
Then nothing really matters
Not afraid to fall

Cause I wanna let it in
I wanna sink and swim
I wanna try to win
So let me fall

Won't you take this ride my way?
I just wanna be the one that you love at all
Let it go and help you find your way
There's no reason why we can't have a little more
See they're running but there ain't no race
Might outlast, but in the end no one's keeping score
Take a minute come and ride my way
Take a step I'll help you find your way

Feels like we're growing old, and our dreams are bold, and the world is cold
Feels like we're growing up, and we're always lost, and we need some help
Feels like it's not that fair, and we're losing here, and we need some love
Know that someone cares, and we're almost there, it'll be enough