Lyrics : ​whosgraveisthis?

What's the difference between a king and his horse?
What the hell are you saying?
I'm not talking about obvious stuff, like "one's an animal and one's a person"
Or "one has two legs and one has four"
Form, ability, power, that's what's puzzling
If their form, ability and power are exactly the same
Why is it that one becomes the king and leads them into battle
While the other becomes the one that carries the king?

Rolling with the team and we looking smoked out
You don't really smoke, b*tch, better start now
Smoking with a god, 'bouta blow your back out
Whip out my blade, now you better back out
Pull up on your girl, grab her by the mouth
Slice off her blouse, now she going down south
Kawasaki Ninja, going real fast now
Squad up with my n*ggas and we going downtown
I'ma out with a [?], n*gga, better touch down
When I show up with the pow, wow, b*tches bow down
Only thing I ask, have the b*tches at the ready
Oh, you smoke loud? b*tch, I heard that sh*t already
n*gga, you a joke, smoking on that leaf
Rolling up a zig-zag, double on that kief
Wake up in the morning like a n*gga hit repeat
{?], sipping iced tea
But I wanna get slushed so I mix in the green
Me and Fukkit, man, we be the team
Looking hella barred out like a n*gga OD'd
Said hella barred out like a n*gga OD'd, b*tch

Ayy, man, we smoking bludgeons out here, bruh
Ayy, f*ck these n*ggas, bruh (Yo, f*ck these n*ggas, bruh, ayy)
Ayy, f*ck these n*ggas (Ayy), bruh

Blunt got me feeling like I been just smoking it, toking it
Rolling that potent while floating and stroking that pus*y
pus*y n*gga tryna overlook me
Show a pus*y n*gga how it could be
Sex for the low-low with yo' hoe-hoe, blow kief
Foreign judo while I'm solo in the middle of the highway
Burger King pus*y, I'ma get that sh*t my way
Sticks got me sideways
b*tch, I been telling these n*ggas it's nothing like they know what's up
And I'm out with my cousin, we puffing on bludgeons
Free my n*gga locked up in the dungeon
pus*y n*gga making no assumptions
pus*y, be quiet, b*tch, I made your main hoe cry
When I f*cking on that pus*y and I made that b*tch cry
sh*t, f*ck all these n*ggas, I'm flexing
And leaving my clip in that [?], b*tch