Lyrics : Instagram Story Snippet 24 April 2020*

Lyrics from Snippet

Little money 'cause the boy a big deal
I put a buddy underwater like seal
They artificial, I'm way too real
Superman how I stay with the steel
Head full, ride with the lead like we still in school
Two bad b*tches, I need me a dual
That boy [?], he don't wanna duel
Got two Glocks just like Deadpool
Flow been hot so they think I'm cool
dip in a pool
the money, okay, we cool
Tell little n*gga to stay in school
Hey, man, who rock with me?
If the b*tch ain't a ten [?] she can't even talk to me
[?], put that pus*y to bed, I wake up and she topping me
I feel like Lil Kodak, we sippin' on [?] and smoking on broccoli


Get the gold and shop like [?]
Put the money in the [?] like I'm Heisenberg
Plague Blvd., spread them germs, gotta invest then return
Gotta collect then re-earn, b*tch, [?]
They wanna be the best, gotta wait yo' turn
If I wanna pull a heist get the smoke on [?]
Busting his head on the curb
Won't admit that I'm best [?]
rest in dirt
So I'll keep doing this till my mouth don't work
Her brain can't make up words
See, they don't understand why this flow work
But they can't help being hurt
When I f*ck on a b*tch, she get on her knees, I can't even take her to church
sh*t, but came with a purse
reimburse, b*tch