Lyrics : God Body

Brazil, Canary, young Ronaldo
Miller convo, high with the sheek, Khalifa condo
Watchin Rondo, Boston George
On a cross with they closed caskets, before they open doors
I pray for Mecca, flood my neck up
I hit her raw, let her go see the doctors, that's how I get my checkup
Tables turnin, pots burnin
I don't hear them niggas talkin, Def squad, Eric Sermon
EPMD, got E, P's and D
Crack some flavors, totems, mother nature
Shout to Harry, military
Nigga mind with a military grind, that’s necessary
That’s my nigga Chinx, icy watch, niggas blink
Throw the mink in the fire like my nigga Frank
Upper echelon, doin shit you never on
Coke Boy til my last breath....Gone

Sicillian, said dealer dons penmanship
Dark sentences, couldn’t ride, got denied membership, auto Benedict
White Benzes’s, 5% shit
Kick open them doors and bring yo niggas in, G citizen
Front lawn like five dealerships, God feelin shit
Life’s a puzzle, wise niggas die, try finish it
Died as a glorious king, most benevolent
Delegate the business with my fellowship, Queens resident
Never hesitant, seems evident
DEA couldn’t build a case without the evidence
Shot work like a sensi, tu comprende?
Motion picture shit, fuck around and win a Oscar de la Renta
You gain the world then it’s all yours
We stash money in the floor boards, numbers on them snow boards
Plenty accolades, more wars
Made it out the slums where yo closest niggas clap, no applause
Coke Boys still be on, cus Siglier boomin, it’s Young Vito Corleone