Lyrics : All Hustle No Luck

All my niggas smoking dope
Got 100 on my neck
Jungle ain’t no joke
Keep 100 with my set

Young fly niggas getting bossed up
Only bad bitches getting tossed up
Drinks by the liter getting tossed up
Pull up in the drop or that Porsche car
Every hitter with me gone fire
Every bad bitch is gone slide
All hustle no luck
This shit is all hustle no luck

Always been a street nigga
Getting money, staying loyal to my street niggas
And I keep lowkey killers
And we all even, we’ll prey on weak nigga
Niggas snitching doing the weak nigga
And we at niggas if we tweeting on tweet niggas
7K in the 7, you’ll be dead in a week nigga
And the lean got me sleep nigga
370 feeling like, I remember days I ain’t have none’
Used to run around like a young don
Now I’m sipping lean, pouring up muddy
French showed me the way boy
Traffic in my city, I stay knowing
Keep a bad bitch like playboy
I’mma disown you and spray boy
Shout out to my shooters, much love to the jeweler
Much love to the Ruger, tell the streets I’m a student
And I graduated, I ain’t stupid
And I spent your deal on a Cuban
Real niggas back, that’s a movement
We the wrong gang to be a tool with

100 the shooter, 200 the Cuban
300 the coupes, all features included
All over the planet, home court advantage
Gave her the menu, she ordered the sandwich
She had a plan, she saw the phantom
Then I got ghost, whole nother planet
Young fly niggas getting tossed up
On the road to the riches took the shortcut
All them niggas hating but the hoes love him
You know I’m flying in nigga, no talking shit
And I’mma dive in it nigga, no rubber
Pulled up front row, pulled a seat

This is hustle no luck
Homies got money in a pocket, big bucks, what the fuck
I like bitches with titties but if you ain’t got titties
I could buy em for you, money ain’t shit
No, I’m a superstar
See me in a fucking G6, flying far
I’m LA, to Toky-oky-o
Playing these hoes like it’s Nintendo
Ten twenty, hundred dollar, euro and pounds
Bitch I’mma make it rain if you drop it drop it down, down
Turn it up, bitch what the fuck
Give me more champagne, drink that shit up
Champagne, shower shower shower, uh
I got power power
Spend a hundred thousand dollar dollar dollar
On champagne shower shower, bitch I got power power
Spend a hundred thousand dollar dollar dollar

Yo, playboy
Playboy, excuse me
Can you spell excuse me
Datpiff worldwide