Lyrics : WTH

I-I-I-I'm from Hell
Deep within the darkest place you'll ever be
I'm from Hell
Do the sh*t that demons do and make you bleed
I'm from Hell
Make you witness sh*t that you won't wanna see
What the hell?
All you stupid little b*t*hes botherin' me

Walked up out the gates like, "Who is he?"
I'm the Freddie, man
I ain't got no murder plans
I see you once and never again
I'm the type of muhf**ka slit ya throat and hear you choke
Shut the f**k up, stupid bloke
I light the dart and then I smoke
No chase, I got it, man
Got the Glock up in my hand
Bussin' out the roof
I chipped your tooth and now you crying, damn
I don't know the time
I keep staying on my grind
Couple .40s in my back
As I creep up, stab your back
C-C-C'mon muhf**ka, come and run it, give me money
I don't really think it's funny
I will hurt you and your honey
I'm a stoner, ain't no drama
You are just a f**kin' comma
Just another stupid number on my list, I will never miss