Lyrics : “Psychedelic Money”

Interviewer: Somebody approached me with an interesting question about, uh, the title of the first album, Freak Out! and, uh, the whole idea of psychedelic songs. What does a person . . .

FZ: You realize there wasn't any prior to this, and if you ask about, uh, have we influenced the market, stop and think about how many times you've seen that in places like sports columns, uh, "Freak Out" sales and, uh, weirdness upon weirdness and, uh, we have had lawsuit upon lawsuit against these people. This is a copyrighted term, those of you out there who might be planning to use the word "Freak Out" in conjunction with some business—naughty, naughty, we'll sue you to death. A magazine, uh, was about to go on to the market, uh, called Freak Out USA, and they have received a telegram saying cease and desist, you fools, because it will cost you a great quantity of money. Uh, somehow or another, this group, which many people felt had no commercial potential whatsoever, have managed to influence some very important areas of American life and nobody will really be able to analyze the full impact of the Mothers Of Invention for at least five years, when you can sit back and see it all in perspective.

FZ: Uh, I think that probably the Stravinskyan influence probably popped up on the second album, um, but I'd say there's a certain Varèsian aroma to the introduction to "Who Are the Brain Police?"