Please shut up
Everybody shut up
Can’t even think everybody spitting gutter
Five, six, ten drinks, throw the glass nurse the udder
Looking down at the street, fifteen-story come up
Highly functional, highly f**king irritable
Highly musical, flow sick physical bill
They know you pu**y open up because Schrödinger will
Superposition dead inside but living on still
Aah, sh*t
Shots till I’m feeling nothing
Aah sh*t
Gunshot till I’m feeling nothing

Okay, okay, I’m not feeling okay
I’ve been feeling no shame
And my body work late
Fight my demons with my demons dark on dark violence
Violins pull the strings bittersweet symphony
Snapped the strings to my heart ya’ll on some wild sh*t
Riddled with trauma from the start laugh at the wrong sh*t
Paranoia build into song I avoid the bong hits
I avoid the conflicts
But pushed in a corner, pushing your options
Pushing your limits pushing you into the subconscious
Muddy up your prospects