Lyrics : Boys Ain’t sh*t

These boys ain't sh*t, I'm not here for it
If you want me, act like it, act like it, mm

You only hit me on the late night
I never see you in the daylight
You wonder why I got an attitude
You make it hard for me to play nice
Have I become a habit?
Quick trip on your lips, doin' acid
And I know you think you're so cool
But it really ain't attractive

Why do you waste all my time?
Keep on telling me lies 'cause you know I'll come right back
When you don't even write back

These boys ain't sh*t, I'm not here for it
If you want me, act like it, act like it
These boys get p*ssed 'cause I won't stand for it (Ain't goin' for it)
If you want the sweet life, then act like it (Act like you can't get enough)

Boy, you better come correct when you talk to me
I ain't your typical, you know I ain't gon' fall for it
Say I don't communicate, I need to talk
How I'ma spit it when you don't answer my calls?
Wait, wait, run that back
Who the hell would I be to kiss yo' ass?
If I cut you off then you gon' stay in the past
'Cause I know this pu**y gon' have you running back
(Huh, ayy, ayy, ayy)
Now who got the last laugh?
And, baby, ain't no need to be sad
I already told you, I'm movin' on (Movin' on)
Boy, you must be trippin', I don't think you get it
These n***as ain't sh*t and I ain't sh*t right wit' 'em
You got it so wrong, you got it so twisted
You need to stay gone and hop out your feelings (Flo Milli sh*t)