Lyrics : Sum Bout U

Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh
There's just something about you

It's somethin' 'bout you (Somethin' 'bout you)
You do somethin' to me, make me feel some way (Feel some way)
The way that I feel about you, nobody'll take your place (Take your place)
Baby girl, I need you, I can't move this way
There's somethin' 'bout you (Somethin' 'bout you)
You do somethin' to me, make me feel some way (Feel some way)
The way I feel about you, nobody will take your place (Take your place)
Baby boy, I need you, I can't move this way

You don't understand my pain
Without you, I'm not the same
Bad ass b*t*h to keep me sane
That ride-or-die b*t*h, I ain't playin'
I just cannot let you go
Me and you gon' get this dough
I just wanna see you grow