But this is a promise I'll be there
The night stars find their sky
I know we're keeping this alive

She saw me bleeding (ay)
My corpse is what she's feeding (ay, ay)
She wanna dig her teeth in (ay)
As her blade touches my skin (ay, ay)
She cries as I fade away (ay)
Shes cancer I suffocate (ay, yuh, ay)
She cut as I decayed (yuh)
She cries cause she's afraid (ay, ay)
I see the clouds as the ground is right under me (okay)
I cannot connect my mind to the centerpiece (yuh)
I'm at the edge and my love is just saying please (no, ay)
She don't see the picture that ima see (yuh, ay)
She cries as she watches me cuts my wrist (yuh)
She always forgetting that I exist (ay)
She always forgetting that I exist (ay)
Red heaven in this dead mist (yuh)