Lyrics : ALARMS

Bucks come and go fast blow thru quickenem
Shi got me lookin like im takin off haphazard
Leg in the making do it Dif from da master
Breath it in slow it down I do it faster

Stuck on da roof t’d up no gimmicks
Blow da sh*t down I make all dey ass quit
You movin in circles I can't do dat sh*t
Cross yo ass up you a delicate trick

I dont show my face when da sun up
I Ain tryna gamble with them as I run up
Ya b*t*hes is bootleg Thinkin you a stunner
And now I can see why they dont stick around

Look at my hair move sticks on my rounds
I really promise I blow dey ass down
We gon buss dey ass up cuz im feeling neurotic ain't got da time for da problem wit that clown

I be so fed up wheen my equipment ain gooing
Y do it feel like no1 stick around
Dont be so alarmed we gon tear dey ass up