Lyrics : FMF 4

I'm just giving y'all a piece of me, and tell y'all what y'all mean to me
Livin' in a cloud and this shit still a dream to me
Thinking I could do better so caught up in my ways
So many niggas gone I still think about them days
I be riding 'round smoking, got it on me, never lack
Oppositions lurkin' tryna turn you to a pack
M.O.B. to the death of me, I'ma watch up for who next to me
O.G. told me buy the block don't let them get the best of me
I'm up a few now, I can't lose now
It's better when it's yours baby, I can move out
On a move now, pick up a few thou'
Spend it with the kids throw 'em with a roof down
Change up a crew baby, I'm still a zoo baby
I lost a couple real ones I miss 'em too baby
My mission smooth, pick up the cash and move baby
I got vision too, speed up oh I'm passing you baby
Almost took this shit for granted not again baby
Going hard for this shit I'm going in baby
Gotta do it for my self I gotta win baby
Cause it ain't nobody else in the end baby, yeah baby
I'ma keep kicking in and out
On my old days kitchen with the stove
Trap queen remix for the love
Married to it never letting go
Who you hang with, baby keep it [?]
Ain't no love here, they gone let it go
They don't love there, catch us up to we don't never show
And I promise, they gone know my name before I'm gone, yeah baby (zoovier)