Lyrics : How We Do It

This is how we do it
Low the Great, Low the Great, Low the Great

Tens, twenties, fifties, hunnids
I'm a dope dealer, baby, I be countin' money (Countin' racks up)
Ain't like you other n***as, all my n***as really thuggin'
Can't bring it in the club, so I was never into clubbin' (Ayy)
What you mean she ain't got it? (She ain't got it)
We ain't f**kin' 'less she got it, I need money outta pocket (Outta pockets)
You ain't ballin', n***a, stop it
If I got it I'ma pop it, I'm in Neiman's with my rocket (Fire, fire)
Thirty hangin' off my Off-White denim
n***as politickin' and they feelin' like some children
Hella wave, baby, real n***as in the building
I'm tryna break your back, I ain't really with the building (This is how we do it)
Stealin', robbin', we want all the problems
Count a couple thousand then I stuff 'em in my Robins (Countin' racks up)
b*t*h, made, I get money in six ways
These n***as switched lanes, stayed in mine, here the check came

This is how we do it
It's Friday night
I poured three lines
The codeine's here on the west side
So I reach for my liter, then I pour it up
Designate a driver, take the keys, not my cup
Pop some Xans, now I'm faded
Count a hunnid bands up like, "n***a, yeah, we made it"