Lyrics : Hoe sh*t

Damn, damn, damn
b*t*h, b*t*h, b*t*h
Pull some of that bass out Bruce

Prolly should of went to school, I went the hard way (The hard way)
I remember f**kin' b*t*hes in the hallways (In the hallways)
"Prolly never gonna make it", what they all say (What they all say)
Now I walk in Neiman Marcus and I ball, baby (And I ball, baby)
I can't even trust the homies 'cause we all shady ('Cause we all shady)
Steady givin' n***as passes, boy, you Tom Brady (Tom Brady)
I done made a half a ticket and it's gone, baby (And it's gone, baby)
But a n***a still ballin', sh*t beyond crazy (sh*t beyond crazy)
Who gon' be there in the end when it's gone? (When it's gone)
If you my homie, why you never call my phone? (Call my phone)
If we can't do it I'ma get it on my own (On my own)
I could drop like thirty thousand, get you gone (Get you gone)
I'm sick of rappin' so I'm talkin' on my songs (I'm talkin')
In real life you just poppin' on yo' phone (You ain't)
Internet n***as, Instagram thugs
You was on yo' couch, I blew twenty in the club, for real (Big bands, n***a)
I could turn a good girl to a sex worker (To a sex worker)
If a n***a try to rob me, I'll attempt murder (I'll attempt murder)
I just play the cards I was dealt, n***a (I was dealt, n***a)
Tryna play me? Go play yourself, n***a (Play yourself, n***a)
Say I'm livin' too fast but I disagree
You don't see this two liter with a six of lean? (Pink poppin')
Watch yo' back, n***as change like the seasons (Like the seasons)
I'ma up this forty Glock, give me a reason (I'ma up it)