Lyrics : Last Call For Austin

Circle, wanderin' endlessly
Whisper somethin' around your cheek
I don't want to miss nothin', don't let me sleep
My baby, please, uh

Last call for Austin, oh, I think I'll have to see
Uh, oh-oh, oh-oh, I think I'll—
Oh, uh, I think I'll have to see
(I think I'll have to—)

Yeah, yeah, time don't judge me, it just crumbles me
She choose that substance over me
I don't usually feel nothin', but when I do, I bleed
Best believe

Uh, last call for Austin, oh, you make me want to leave
You make me want to, yeah
You make me want to leave, leave, leave

Oh, carry me home, not to no hotel
Lucy on my tongue
Gather 'round the fire, it warms my blood
Afraid that my heart turned to stone (Ooh)
What you know? Here we go

Last call for Austin, oh, it's never what it seems

Feel like, I feel like, I feel like me