Lyrics : Relaxxx / Yes Sir!

Relax Jack
Don't get axed Jack
Call me Fats Jack
Put me in super max
b*t*h aye clap ass dap
Make me climax rat
Make me collapse splat
b*t*h make me tap, tap, tap (Tap out)

Princess diamonds, prison riots
Crab steak, nutritious diet
Aztec gold, gold look Mayan
Guns from Saving Private Ryan
Run with vamps and ghost and lycans
Third eye, I'm so enlightened
Love the camp, my sole alliance
f**k police, I’m noncompliant
No n***a I won’t go quiet
Smokin on the finest quiet
I’ll hijack this b*t*h
And turn a passenger into a pilot
Playing with her pu**y privates
Paint her pass her to the pirates
c*mshot turn her to a cyclops
Clean her up and fix the climate